• Matthew Cochran

New EP on Bend Classical: Steve Reich Guitar Music

Track Listing: Electric Counterpoint I. Fast Electric Counterpoint II: Slow Electric Counterpoint III: Fast Nagoya Guitars Steve Reich’s 1987 Electric Counterpoint brilliantly established the electric guitar within an art music context. Reich originally imagined the piece performed by a single guitarist playing over a prerecorded track consisting of up to 10 guitars and 2 bass guitars. A version for guitar ensemble also exists with all parts performed live. First recorded by Pat Metheny on the 1989 Nonesuch release “Different Trains,” Electric Counterpoint has been performed, recorded, rerecorded and sampled enough that, even if you don’t know the piece, you probably kind of know the piece. I’ve performed Electric Counterpoint a few times using Pat Metheny’s backing track but I’ve always had a yen to make my own version. I found the experience of learning and recording all the parts profoundly inspiring. As an unapologetic gearhead, I also relished in the opportunity of deciding which guitar paired best with which amp, microphone, etc. for every part.* Guitarist David Tannenbaum worked closely with Steve Reich while adapting the composer’s 1994 Nagoya Marimbas for two guitars. Tannenbaum’s recording features two classical guitars, but with some minor technical adaptations, Nagoya Guitars becomes an idiomatic gem for two electric guitars. For the very first release on my own Bend Records label, I performed all the parts, produced, mixed and mastered the project myself. *Performing guitarists: I would be delighted to share my recording of Electric Counterpoint without the live guitar track. Please contact me for details.