• Matthew Cochran

Wherever You Are

“Wherever You Are” is the music I hear in my head whenever I find myself in an empty public space. It’s the music of ghosts, a kind of loneliness that can only be found in abandoned laundromats and airport terminals.

All the sounds on “Wherever You Are” are made with a guitar. Layered, highly-processed guitar signals orchestrate a simple, declarative melodic line.

I used a ton of guitar effects on this recording, but my primary gear is as follows:

Fender American Pro Telecaster

Fender American Pro Stratocaster

J Rockett Archer (clean boost)

Eventide H9

Walrus Audio Monument

Red Panda Particle

Chase Bliss Thermae

Walrus Audio and R1 Reverb

Strymon Iridium

JHS Colour Box V2 (Stereo Pair)