Track Listing:

  1. Reich: Electric Counterpoint I. Fast

  2. Reich: Electric Counterpoint II: Slow

  3. Reich: Electric Counterpoint III: Fast

  4. Reich: Nagoya Guitars


Steve Reich’s 1987 Electric Counterpoint is, to me, the seminal work for multiple guitars and the Steve Reich/David Tannenbaum arrangement of Nagoya Guitars is woefully underperformed. For my very first release on the Bend Records label, I performed all the parts, produced, mixed and mastered the project myself.


*Performing guitarists: I am happy to share my recording of the piece without the “live” guitar track, please DM me for details.

I have the extreme good fortune to work across the street from the storied Interlochen Public Radio, a charter member of National Public Radio. From time to time, I'll pop over and guest-host a program or perform some pieces on the air. This page is my attempt at providing links to those appearances. 


Goes2Eleven Podcast (2014-2015)

In 2014, I was working as a freelance guitarist and audio engineer in Upstate New York. I had a few days between gigs and decided to put together a retrospective of Joe Pass, with the intention of selling it as a one-off to NPR affiliates. In a nod to Spinal Tap, I released the episode under the show name Goes2Eleven. I was more than a little amazed when roughly 1,000 people downloaded the show that week. I got a handful of advertisers and research assistants, and by early 2015 Goes2Eleven reached 10,000 weekly listeners. The show ran for 35 episodes, and I'm proud to have hosted, written and engineered all of them.

Tantalus Guitar Quartet:

Foolish Fire (2014)

Tantalus Guitar Quartet's 2nd CD features four large-scale original works written for guitar quartet. It was my final outing with the group and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked closely with composers Edie Hill, Kristian Anderson, and Apostolos Paraskevas during the rather intense period of preparation for the CD. Personnel: Matthew Cochran, Stephen Mattingly, Adam Foster, Kristian Anderson

“The pure emotive quality of Cochran’s music pulls you into its embrace and empties your heart with every sigh.” (No Depression)

The process of writing and recording Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane was pure joy. I had no discernible commercial aspirations and no deadline for this project, which meant I also had no meaningful creative restrictions. The result was a collection of original songs and crossover instrumental works including “Cicadas at the Equinox” for guitar and wind quintet (which I later used as the underscore for the opening credits on the Goes2Eleven Podcast) and my most-requested (and most misquoted) song “Mama is a Big Girl.” 


Track Listing:

  1. Fernando Sor: Variations Sur Un Theme De “La Flute Enchantee” De W.A. Mozart (arr. Roland Dyens)

  2. Gerald Garcia: Blue Nose Ballads

  3. Luzzasco Luzzaschi: Non Sa Che Sia Dolore (arr. Stephen Mattingly)

  4. Alan Scott: City Songs* 1: Industrious

  5. Alan Scott: City Songs 2: Broad and Subdued

  6. Alan Scott: City Songs 1: Smoothly, Energetically

  7. Jaine Zenamon: Contrastes

  8. Carlo Domeniconi: Oyun I

  9. Carlo Domeniconi: Oyun II

  10. Carlo Domeniconi: Oyun III

  11. Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5 (arr. Matthew Cochran)

12. Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 1 (arr. Matthew Cochran)

13. W.A. Mozart: Overture to Don Giovanni (arr. Matthew Cochran)


*(Commissioned by Tantalus Quartet, World Premiere Recording)

Personnel: Matthew Cochran, Stephen Mattingly, Kevin Manderville, Kristian Anderson

Matthew Cochran: Shenandoah (2006)

‚ÄčTrack Listing

  1. Robert Beaser: Shenandoah

  2. Manuel de Falla: Homenaje, pour Le Tombeau de Debussy

  3. Manuel Ponce: Theme Varie et Finale

  4. Joaquin Rodrigo: Invocation and Dance

  5. Julian Orbon: Prelude y danza I. Preludio

  6. Julian Orbon: Prelude y danza II. Danza

  7. Malcom Arnold: Fantasy, Op. 107 I. Prelude

  8. Malcom Arnold: Fantasy, Op. 107 II. Scherzo

  9. Malcom Arnold: Fantasy, Op. 107 III. Arietta

  10. Malcom Arnold: Fantasy, Op. 107 IV. Fughetta

  11. Malcom Arnold: Fantasy, Op. 107 V. Arietta

  12. Malcom Arnold: Fantasy, Op. 107 VI. March

  13. Malcom Arnold: Fantasy, Op. 107 VII. Postlude

  14. Peter Maxwell-Davies: Farewell to Stromness

My first commercial recording, now out of print.